Uncomplicate QRIS initiatives using a continuous quality improvement approach and a smart data platform.

Unify QRIS

Handling multiple quality improvement programs can be challenging. Stars helps you simplify QRIS workflow by integrating data across multiple child, family, and community initiatives into one platform. Use a continuous quality improvement (CQI) approach to create positive feedback loops and strengthen community engagement.

Integrate existing
QRIS databases

Streamline QRIS

Standardize services and
outcomes across programs

Case StudyThe State of Michigan uses STARS as the engine behind its Early Care and Education Quality Rating and Improvement System for measuring and supporting the quality of care that Michigan's youngest children receive.

Build stronger,
more supportive

Parents and families play a crucial role in child development. Stars helps you to integrate the Strengthening Families Framework into your QRIS and close the gap between family support and school readiness. Get insights into building protective factors to promote optimal child and youth development.

Align Protective Factors
with QRIS ratings

Gather insights from staff
and parent surveys

Benefit from a host of
online resources and

Get strategic
consultation from
QRIS and CQI experts

Case StudyThe Region 2 Consortia of Northern California uses the Strengthening Families Framework to create strong relationships and promote a cycle of continuous quality improvement across the consortia.

Track and improve

Facilitate positive change using the most elaborate, end-to-end and flexible QRIS data management and reporting platform. Get easy-to-implement tips, and tools to simplify your workflow and maximize the effectiveness of your programs.

Get personalized
dashboards for every

Generate real-time
individual and aggregate

Track progress via
multiple benchmarks
and indicators

Measure and
optimize program

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