"All our solutions are an organic collaboration
       of technology, evaluation and research.
We deliver critical data insights required to meet your mandates
       at costs 60-70% less than the competition!"

About Us

Our Presence

Founded in June of 2000 as an offshoot of an innovative experiment at UCSB, Mosaic Network Inc. is an ongoing collaboration of research, policy, practice and technology leaders in the field of human services and education initiatives. Together with our research, university and implementation partners around the globe, we have developed innovative, results-focused strategies to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and overall success of public, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in the field of human services and education. With a national footprint in 42 states, over the last 17 years we have worked with a variety of initiatives across the country—big and small—helping them expand the horizons of quality and make informed decisions.

Who We Are

We are the only provider of research & consultancy services blended with a robust web-based data system, collectively offering a proven research-based solution for various kinds of human services and education initiatives. Our solution is a unique blend of cloud based data system combined with research-based, result-oriented, innovative strategies & consultancy that help increase efficiency, effectiveness and overall success of public, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.

What We Do

We apply an interdisciplinary approach to promote and develop the capacity for informed decision making, planning and evaluation by leveraging critical data. We support our clients in developing and delivering high quality initiatives that meet their stated goals in a transparent and accountable environment. However, our work, does not stop there. We partner in creating an environment of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) by making connections across numerous program areas which positively impact longitudinal child, family and community outcomes.

Our Mission

Resources are scarce – time and money are at a premium while funders and legislators are demanding timely outcomes and results. While we know a lot about what works for high risk children and families, implementing initiatives on a large scale, with multiple stakeholders, across sectors, in politically charged environments is exceptionally challenging. Mosaic seeks to support decision-makers and implementers with comprehensive solutions that increase effectiveness and produce results.

Partners in Success

Mosaic Network Inc. is an implementation, research, evaluation, support and technology leader with more than 17 years of experience evaluating local, state, national, and international social, educational, and human service programs. Our integrated approach has helped thousands of programs make on-going improvements to better serve their constituencies.
We have a wealth of experience working with funders, frontline service providers, and policy-makers to understand how to ensure program improvement is embedded in data systems design.

Our Leadership

Our team consists of many of the brightest minds in the technology, education and human services industries. Together, we are working on improving programs and changing lives. We bring extensive expertise to the industry, representing decades of experience working with communities to design and measure the impact of complex initiatives that are improving programs and changing lives. We bring extensive knowledge, clear human understanding, powerful technology and real passion to every project.


Mosaic’s Integrated Approach

At Mosaic, we believe in establishing customer success right from the beginning of the engagement, starting with smooth transition to the systems and ensuring continuous improvement as we go.

Our unique technique applies robust online data systems to facilitate collaboration and track trends. Our data system helps you track multi-site initiatives, programs, budgets and outcomes with utmost ease.

Our experts, finetune your implementation, using proven research-based strategies, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness your organization. This gives you the benefit of recommendations based on the expertise and knowledge gained over several years of research and multiple implementations.

Our evaluation and research tools empower you with methodologies that help you demonstrate positive outcomes and sustained funding. Additionally, our research experts design efficacy programs to measure effectiveness and to support the initiative's accountability requirements, thereby empowering you with tools that help you demonstrate positive outcomes and sustained funding.

Our experts, ensure customer success right from the beginning to ensure smooth transition to the system and strive for continuous improvement as we go. We begin with deep stakeholder engagement followed by designing an interdisciplinary array of offerings that include strategy, data and reporting systems, research, evaluation, and technical assistance.


All of our solutions are an organic collaboration around technology, evaluation and research. They deliver data which meets the mandate while keeping the costs 60-70% less than others. All, while maximizing the impact of social programs across diverse initiatives.

Comprehensive Online Data Systems for Continuous Quality Improvement

Management and Evaluation of Complex Human Service Initiatives

Performance Evaluation, Contract Monitoring, Case Management, and Longitudinal Research.
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Technology for QRIS beyond Quality Ratings

Plan, implement, and manage the complex needs of your statewide and regional quality improvement initiatives.
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Ready-to-Go Solutions for Multi-Site Community Initiatives

Data and Reporting for Comprehensive Early Childhood Initiatives

Manage client data, record services, track outcomes, and report results to stakeholders.
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Results Portal for Parent Engagement and Family Support

Implement Strengthening Families and promote protective factors in your community.
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Screening and Insights to Promote Social Emotional Wellbeing

Social Emotional Health Survey System

Ensure positive school climate and the behavioral well being of 100% students.
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Improve School Readiness in Pre-K and Kindergarten

Ensure future academic, social & emotional success of all children in your pre-k programs with the R4S screening and insights tools.
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We go above and beyond to collaborate with you on goals assessment, support implementation, evaluation of results and effective communication to diverse stakeholders. You can rely on us to be your most committed partner, and your biggest champion, as you work to improve the lives of children and families. We work with our customers and partners to form collaborative working relationships in an effort to:

  • Increase program’s capacity to self-evaluate
  • Provide easy-to-use software that assures the effective use of data
  • Provide on-demand information to improve service delivery to children, families, and communities
  • Mobilize maximum community input about meaningful results
  • Shift focus from accountability to developing and enhancing opportunities for families and communities
  • Employ technology for multi-site initiatives to streamline data collection and improve impact