Uncomplicate multi-site funding and increase impact with GEMS, a comprehensive technology platform grounded in 18 years of rigorous human services research.

Get unique,
actionable insights

Funding human services is complicated. GEMS assembles critical data to give you a bird’s-eye view, highlighting valuable insights for your initiatives. We provide the data so you can focus on resolving complex issues.

Streamline service

Evaluate program


Conduct research
and surveys

Case StudyThe Arkansas Department of Health uses GEMS to track and manage their statewide tobacco prevention program to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use throughout Arkansas.

Track and maximize
change as it happens

Everybody needs a support system. GEMS helps you maximize your potential for meaningful impact and service delivery. Put yourself at the heart of the community, foster engagement, and track outcomes across the entire service chain.

Interface with pre-existing client
and worker databases

Assign and track families enrolled in
different programs for long-term studies

Conduct surveys to help evaluate
outcomes and drive change

Case StudyThe Woodward Middle School in Bainbridge Island Washington and Aloha High School in Aloha, Oregon use the Covitality Emotional Health Screener to identify and improve the lives of at-risk students and perform targeted interventions.

Monitor contracts
and meet obligations

GEMS helps you manage administrative, fiscal, and service delivery aspects of the contract. Create administrative hierarchies for organizations, programs, and contracts, and establish the satisfaction of contract objectives.

Meet administrative
and fiscal obligations

Track appointments, schedules,
reminders, and reimbursements

Manage staff details for organizations,
programs, and contracts

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